ole burger

YETI – Launch Germany

Relaunch Hompage mit neuem Corporate Design. Zielsetzung neuer, kontemporärer Auftritt zum 50. Jubiläum des Unternehmens. Konzept, Design und Umsetzung der Hompage in einem Zeitrahmen von 4 Wochen.  Relaunch Hompage Corporate Development

Burmester Teasers

Teaser Ads & Animations, für High End Hifi Equipment von Burmester

Text to Ai – embrace the change

Consolidating different AI Text-to-Image platforms into one Marketplace, adding the benefit of producing actual hardcopies of the created works through drop shipping / white-label solutions in the user’s market and creating NFTs or certificates for hardcopies as added services. Guiding people’s creations with tutorials, and sample Projects.